Synthetic Bone Grafts (SBGs) have been commercially available since the early 1960s. Back then it was believed that almost any calcium phosphate based product bearing a passing resemblance to cancellous bone would perform. It was soon realised that this was not the case and since then many variations of the same technology have been tried in the quest to find a product to compete with autograft, the accepted 'gold standard'.

Orthogem was founded on the observation that the manufacturing methods for conventional Synthetic Bone Grafts produce a microstructure which, although similar in appearance to cancellous bone, simply does not produce the appropriate environment for bone regeneration. Orthogem's scientists concluded that until the basic microstructure was refined, very variable performance would result.


TriPore from Orthogem - designed to enhance bone biology

Orthogem's scientists designed TriPore from the bottom up by first considering what the optimal microstructure for osteogenic activity should be. Then, with this ideal structure in mind, they set about creating an entirely new manufacturing process to produce this structure. The results speak for themselves:

  • Accommodates osteocyte formation within the graft site
    Recruits and actively conducts osteogenic cells throughout the graft micro-structural 'superconduction'
    Osteocyte manipulation stimulates natural bone formation
  • Total resorbtion of the ceramic Synthetic Bone Graft 
    No compromise in graft site strength or viability
  • 'Fit and Forget'

Clinical evaluation of TriPore

The use of TriPore in a number of spinal indications has reinforced the performance demonstrated in pre-clinical studies.


Both cases have solid fusion with continuous columns of new bone demonstrating the effectiveness of TriPore's structure, validating the assertion that TriPore is the 'fit and forget' advanced synthetic bone graft.


Advantages of TriPore Synthetic Bone Graft

  • Superior porous structural design confirmed through extensive pre-clinical testing1
  • Super conduction guides bone growth throughout the whole implant site with homogeneous osteocyte density
  • Resorbed at the same rate as new bone formation, fully integrated with the host's bone remodelling process
  • Only CE mark Class III device made from pure HA that is fully resorbable, resorption is controlled by the bone remodelling process not by its chemical composition
  • Excellent clinical results2
  • Reliable and consistent performance

1. Orthogem TriPore: A new resorbable hydroxyapatite bone graft substitute: proof of biological concept in a long term femoral condyle model. Birch N, Lo W, Frohn M, Blunn G, Goodship A.
2. 'Results of TriPore Synthetic Bone Graft' Clinical 'White Paper'. Data on file at Orthogem Limited.