TriPore's unique manufacturing process results in high surface free energy for increased protein and growth factor. read more


Based in Nottingham's acclaimed BioCity, Orthogem is proud to have developed it's unique Tripore technology and produced validated preclinical proof. read more


Orthogem was founded on the observation that the manufacturing methods for conventional Synthetic Bone Grafts produce a microstructure. read more

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Orthogem Limited is a UK based biomaterials company, who manufacture advanced Synthetic Bone Graft material, TriPore. 

Orthogem's ground breaking and patented TriPore technology platform has enabled the creation of a number of Synthetic Bone Grafts formulated for a variety of clinical applications, ranging from spinal to oral cranial facial surgery.

Orthogem's unique TriPore multiporous structure achieves optimum bone remodeling through its enhanced osteoconductive and bioactive properties. (ref 1)